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Certified Green Business

Environmentally Friendly Business Practices
Stony Point, Inc has joined the Green Business Bureau and achieved green business certification.

Being Green

Stony Point is committed to encouraging employees to make greener choices in the areas of energy conservation and waste reduction.

The Green Business Bureau provides guidance on sustainable practices as Stony Point seeks to continue lowering its environmental impact.

“Everyone has a responsibility to ensure the health of our planet for future generations. Our philosophy of having an entirely remote workforce ensures our employees are green and simultaneously increases their quality of life by giving them back at least 5 hours every week in commuting time.”
- Steve Wasula, President of Stony Point, Inc.

Reducing Our Footprint

Since its founding, all Stony Point employees have worked from home providing the following collective benefits to the environment:

  • Saving 96,000 miles a year that would have been driven during commutes
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 39,456,000 grams per year*
  • Saving over $100,000 in energy costs for an office by utilizing Regus shared office space when necessary
Green Business Bureau Gold Seal