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Enhance your Salesforce System with Stony Point Apps
Use our Salesforce native applications to help your Sales Team more effectively manage and plan their day.
Increase User Adoption and engagement while more easily managing your Team.

Activity Commander will help you:

  • Better manage all of your Tasks and Events for the day or week
  • Ensure that you are being productive, and not just busy
  • Quickly create and update Account Plans
  • Have defined next steps for key Accounts and Opportunities that are never missed!

Stay on track with Red, Yellow and Green traffic light signals. What could be easier?

With Activities Tab Plus:

  • View all Emails, Tasks and Events from a single screen
  • Provide a snapshot of previous days
  • Leveraging the activity management functionality built into Salesforce
  • Brings all of the day’s activities to the forefront - not bury them within the calendar

Enhance your teams productivity and increase sales by being on top of your game.